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yet another fawnlock smut


Here, have a brand new NSFW fawnaction.

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[Click through for full res NSFW]

uhhhhhhhm I sorta did it? didn’t even expect anyone to read that; proud of you, nonny :D

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if the click-through doesn’t work please click here!

Week 13.7

I’m still pretty new to NSFW stuff- this is actually the first time I’ve drawn a peen… the style and coloring and anatomy of this is weird, but it’s for Beth and I hope she likes it!

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i’ve finally found out the existence of the colour dynamics brush setting aww yeah


I’m not getting anywhere with my bigger paintings at the moment, so here, have some johnlock porn.

More from my Johnlock Coloured Smut Sketch Series.

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John, have you seen my coat? SH

Maybe. JW

John! Where is my coat?!

:3 JW

John! SH


Grey days

A special something for a special someone
Happy birthday Sherlock


" ….. "

" … give, me, a, break." 

a spoiled boy needs more for Xmas.