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If the click through doesn’t work, please click here <3
Week 24.1

A super quicky messy warm up sketch doodle for my dear queersherlockian since they’ve been having a stressful first day back on the job <3

I love you so much D, I hope it’ll get easier as you continue forward <3
(and yes they’re somewhere indoors, no they’re not missing their shoes and his shirt and having weird back-alley sex, don’t worry.)

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my very blue part of my art trade with ruto  image I LOVE

this…….. ilu syu

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FanArt: The Massage

Pairing: Johnlock <3

Artist: KrisKenshin aka. Me

From the FanFiction “The Heart In The Whole” Ch8: An Experiment In Touch by verityburns

I had this up for about two seconds sometime last week before I had to delete it and fix it. So here is the “Better” version, lol Love you all!


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-Part 4-

“Why do you have to wear so many bloody layers, Sherlock? I know it’s cold but really.”

“I’m not sure if I should formulate an answer, since you already answered yourself.”

“Again; even in the summer? No, no; ah, keep the scarf.”

“Told you you have a clothing kink-,”

“Shut up.”

Johnnn~ Up, please.”

“Yes, I believe I am.”

“No- Sit up.
…Not wearing underwear? I’m shocked, John. Truly shocked.”

“When you try to be sarcastic, it just doesn’t work.”

“Mmm. I’ll try harder, captain.

“And you say I have kinks.”

Update: coloured!

Part 5:

Many, many thanks to my dear friend MsObscure of DA, who so kindly pointed out that Jawn originally had a stomach penis. Thank you, dear! XD


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See me - colab work by *Lenap

Oops, sorry. Porny pic.

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oh yeah so I thought it would be cool to paint a remake of this drawing with water colours


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it always starts with a talk with paula ♥

i have to admit, this conversation was heavily influenced by berlynn wohl’s short fawnlock ficlet. i couldn’t… get that image out of my head and now ruto’s gone ahead and drawn it and well, i’m obsessed… there’s no stopping it now…

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Illustration to “Dear John” (on russian) fanfic by Curly_Sue made for “Big Game - 2” on “Slash World” forum

Summary: «— Я люблю тебя, — говорит Джон, глядя в его светлые-светлые глаза. Шерлок не реагирует, просто смотрит, и Джон повторяет это еще раз и еще. Молчание в ответ недоверчивое, боязливое. В груди нехорошо тянет — еще одно молчание. Джон так ничему и не научился. Наконец Шерлок облизывает губы, собираясь что-то сказать, и Джон вдруг понимает, что не хочет ничего слышать, не хочет знать, что происходит в этой чертовой гениальной голове».