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Well, now that that’s out of my system..

It’s not out of MINE…yet.


Anyone who says they don’t see John as a top is just wrong. Wrong and silly. Maybe I will also do the flip side. Sex-face is difficult, guys.

Oh, I guess my Tumblr is NC-17 now. That’s the official warning…that comes after you see the explicit content. ^_^



I love white shirts on men.
So …. a white shirt Johnlock!

I'm in holiday mood, as you can see ….

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So, porn then. We’ll start with the riding crop.

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just a friendly reminder that this blog is still nsfw and I WARNED YOU ABOUT NSFW BRO I TOLD YOU DOG

uh so what happened here is i was just taking a break from working to doodle and suddenly some crazy johnlock shit happened you know what it’s good anatomy practice oh shut uuuup

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NSFW!!!! Click please XD


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Whoo, maybe there’s actually happened some progress on my struggle towards more realistic presentation. Or maybe I was just lucky this once.

Though Sherlock looks nothing like Sherlock, but maybe no-one will notice. Just keep your eyes on his pants, not his face, thankyou!

Pencil and watercolour versions.


Red is the sexiest color.

Happy Red Pants Monday 


What for?!

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Well be damned if it isn’t a good day to start drawing nsfw johnlock